Publisher Rates Other High CPM URL Shortner
 Count when timer reach zero  Count when visitor click on real/ final get link button.
 No fake downloadnow/getlink button  10-12 fake downloadnow/getlink button
 Less popad  Too much popad
 More view are added  Less view are added
  • 1000 people click on link
  • 800 view are added (no fake button+ count once timer reach 0)
  • Cpm =2$
  • 2$*800/1000=1.6$
  • You got 1.6$
  • 1000 people click on link
  • 250 view are added (10-12 fake button + count only when real button got click by visitor)
  • Cpm =4$
  • 4$*250/1000=1.0$
  • You got 1$ 

To see your average CPM you need to test our system for few days

CPM depends on the.......

 Our optimization algorithm takes some time to analyze your traffic and assign the most profitable ads for your website’s audience.
After several days pass, your CPM rates can significantly increase.

 Some Users get 5-7 CPM for selected GEOs.

 We don't have a list with rates since rates are changing almost every minute.

 We count your click when timer reach to zero, visitor not even need to click on get link.

 popad opens with a certain frequency to a unique user, so when click on second time they didnot get popad


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